At VirExit, we believe that the best scientific breakthroughs come through collaboration. That is why our team is made up of experts and specialists, all committed to researching and providing cost-effective, top-quality technology, health and wellness products, and PPE

Expert Staff

Our staff has had firsthand experience dealing with the effects of COVID-19, which is why we are motivated to find the best and most effective technology to help keep people healthy and safe. We know that health and wellness has become more important than ever during these times.

That is why our staff work tirelessly to make sure they can design and provide these products to those who need them.

We look to bring the future to live with the latest techonology for  staying healthy.

Safety is affordable and easier than ever with our top of the line gear and technology.

Our priority is your priority, personal wellness.

A Partner

» We offer competitive investment options that can boost your ROI and help better diversify your portfolio.

» Our business helps local communities, and by investing, you can help them too.

» Your investments help advance scientific research.

    Keeping the Front Line Protected

    VirExit Technologies was the brainchild of Patrick Netter and James C. Katzaroff. Formerly known as Poverty Dignified, the company has transitioned into a world-class health, safety and wellness brand showcasing the top technological innovations in these verticals through its proprietary online shopping portal Safer Place.market.

    Managed by a team of experienced industry leaders and partnering with today’s most reliable and sophisticated health, safety, and wellness brands, VirExit Technologies focuses on longevity-focused innovations. Our industry concierges stand ready to help you identify how we can help protect your teams, relax your mind and body, and harness both your energy and your creativity.

    James C. Katzaroff

    Chief Executive Officer

    Patrick Netter

    Health and Wellness Evangelist

    and Ethical

    Our company is headquartered in the U.S.  We are consistently researching and marketing innovative antiviral technologies. We’re proud to work on technology that is both effective and ethical, making sure to follow all protocols for the best solutions. Our clients have found our technology to be effective and extremely helpful during these times. This technology has been shown to increase individual health, safety, and wellness as well. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about what we do and who we are, contact us today!