Meet the team working behind the scenes at VirExit.

James C. Katzarof

Chief Executive Officer

James C. Katzaroff is highly regarded internationally for his proven expertise in corporate engineering as well as developing and implementing impactful senior-level corporate strategy. Mr. Katzaroff is passionate about fostering critical investment banking and private investor relationships as well as managing intricate stakeholder relationships. Associates and clients continue to trust Mr. Katzaroff with their most critical business needs because of his passion, commitment and proven ability to be a solution provider and create win-win outcomes to the most complex issues that challenge all growth companies. He has significant experience in the healthcare and medical fields and is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

David Croom

Chief Operating Officer

An executive management leader and entrepreneur with broad experiences in multiple business processes and across several different sectors. Actively supporting long standing investments and ownership interests in retail, restaurants/hospitality, cannabis and business services. Leveraging 30+ years experience in both large and small companies that provides a unique perspective of the very large companies and small businesses and how they function. Effective at navigating all the regulatory, financial, and personnel related issues. This allows David to be uniquely positioned to network effectively with senior investment advisors, retail investors all the way to investment bankers and large family offices

Prior positions in public companies included roles as CFO and project leader for Cannex Capital Group (CNNX), publicly traded cannabis company, working closely with all levels of internal and external management teams to drive business results.  Prior to active business operations and advisory roles, held senior finance roles at supercomputer maker Cray Inc, Inc and four years at Microsoft Corp in various roles including US Sales, MSN and Corporate Accounting. His early career started with a decade at Chevron Corporation, in the Comptroller’s Department, Internal Audit and US Refinery Operations. 

He holds an accounting degree from Washington State University and is a Certified Internal Auditor. Additional interests include racquetball, pickleball, golf and skiing. 

Bruce Jolliff

Chief Financial Officer

Bruce has been partnering with business owners to provide outsourced controller and CFO services since 1998. Bruce’s experience spans a wide range of industries and size of businesses.