Wellness comes in many forms. In fact, it may be something different for each person. There is no right way to increase wellness.

What Is Wellness?

Instead, wellness comes in many different forms. At VirExit, we believe in a holistic approach, which is why we suggest some of the following products and ideas for improving your overall wellness. These recommendations are easy to implement and can be used as part of your daily routine.

Today, wellness is more important than ever before. Whether in the office, under your desk while working, or in your skincare, wellness is something we should all take seriously. The recommendations below are effective and have helped hundreds of customers improve their overall wellness.

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    Walk While Seated!

    Exercising just got easier with our recommendation of the electric miniTREAD® — the next evolution of the treadmill to walk while seated. The size of an airline seat cushion and <24 lbs, it’s safe, portable, burns calories, and is a fraction the cost of most gym equipment. The miniTREAD sits where you do while building strength and boosting circulation, so it’s perfect for those who find themselves sitting most of the day. Studies have shown that a more sedentary lifestyle indicates a higher chance of heart attacks and other ailments. It’s important to increase your wellness by including exercise in your daily routine.

    “Walking boosts immune function, counteracts the effects of weight-promoting genes, reduces the risk of cancer, and more.”

    – Harvard Medical School

    Aromatherapy Candles

    Whether you’re using candles for self-care or aromatherapy, these scented candles are sure to help you relax and unwind effectively. These candles come in a variety of scents, so you can easily find one you enjoy. These candles are perfect for relaxation or meditation time, making sure you can effectively unwind and relax from a stressful day, increasing your overall wellness. These candles also make great gifts to boost the wellness of others.

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